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Valentine's Day Special
Saturday, February 17, 2007
Eventhough it was two days after Valentine's Day, we're still celebrating it! Not to find for 'special' mates but to spread God's love! That was yesterday's CF meeting's objective! To spread God's love. Everything went well. We had games, we had fun, we saw them forfeits dancing the Ultraman Unite dance. Don't know what's that but Emily made that up!! Haha! But the best part of yesterday is not the chocolates at the end of the day, or the "Honey I love you, will you smile for me game", but the activity we had for them members. We did the similar activity as last year where we passed A4 papers around to everyone, in a circle, and yes, others will write positive things about you. It's like a love message, only thing is, it's innocent love. No lust, no corrupted feelings. Just pure friendly note. Eventhough it's only on an A4 paper, it might be plain, but the writings of everybody really decorated the plain paper and everytime you read it, it just motivates you! That's the best part! For those who went back early without joining this activity, bummer, and for those who didn't join us, too bad. But not so bad, we'll be having anoher Valentine's Day special - next year. Haha! Suspense!

Once again, Valentine's Day to me is not loving a girl, but is to feel God's love. Valentine's Day is not for couples only, but it's for relationships with your parents and siblings to build once more. And not forgetting with our heavinly Father.

John 3:16
For God so LOVE the WORLD, HE gave HIS ONLY SON to US, whoever believes Him, WILL not PERISH, but have EVERLASTING LIFE!


My motivation. Love you guys!

PS: Lorna can't count how many "TALL" words are on her paper. HAHAHA!

CF stands for Christian Fellowship! It's where we have games, food, praise and worship, and so much more! Come join us!

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