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Spirit Challenge
Friday, March 2, 2007
We finally used the Spirit Challenge module today. What's a Spirit Challenge you ask? Spirit Challenge is kinda like modules about our Christian life. It touches on EVERY aspect in a teenagers life - from speaking about the Great I Am, to finding the right partner in life. But I chose the module on Salvation where it speaks about new believers and pre-believers. I hope the chapters in this module will help all the members of Christian Fellowship to clear their doubts about the decision they've made, or gonna make, in recieving Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour. Glory to GOD. Oh yeah, Spirit Challenge will be done on every 3rd Friday of the month. For this month, we're just replacing it for the month February.

Today's CF was conducted to suit the Spirit Challenge. The games were also from a part of the Spirit Challenge. Nothing really special today except the fact that we've started Spirit Challenge. Everything was going well till Mr. Arulsamy came and interupted. He asked what society we are. And Nisha (she was conducting the Spirit Challenge) answered him that we're having a discussion. Then he saw my Bible on the table and asked what was the Bible there for. Haha! Nisha told him that this was a Christian discussion. And Mr. Arulsamy was like, complimenting us by saying good, good. Haha! Well, I just would like to thank God for what He had done today. His protection is really on us. Now I just need to pray and have faith that Mr. Arulsamy won't bring this up during any meetings. He was the only teacher that saw us. I think Mrs. Norsiah saw the forfeiters and I doing the "Mississippi" with our backside but didn't bother. Another blessing from God! I pray that the Lord will always continue to bless us with protection and guidance. Amen!

After the meeting, we showed the Camp Meta promotion video, or better known as the Introduction video since the registration is gonna close! HAHAHA! So yeah, you STAR CF-ers are really blessed because you guys got to watch it today! Haha! And speaking about Camp Meta, 10 campers from STAR will be attending this camp. For you people who're gonna miss it, too bad, we'll try to bring back some pictures and some video clips of the camp =P. Then you'll know how much you've missed in the camp! HAHAHA! I'm mean, yes I'm mean =P.

Just would like to welcome two new comers into the STARCF family. One of them is Alex Ho from Form 4. And the other is a girl, sorry I forgotten her name. Not good in remembering Chinese names.. HahA! Well, God bless them and thank God for the people who brought them to CF. Glory to the Great I Am! Amen.

God bless.

CF stands for Christian Fellowship! It's where we have games, food, praise and worship, and so much more! Come join us!

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