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Awesome Meeting!
Friday, April 13, 2007
Today's meeting was awesome. Seriously, my view, the Praise and Worship was awesome.. Everybody responded to what I was leading them to do.. Really awesome to praise His name! Amen! After the wonderful Praise and Worship session, we had sharing time by our very own Bernie Tan Kian Tiong.. He shared very welll.. Easy to understand and it was awesome man! God bless you! Good job! It was a normal CF meeting today but I think we just found something to feel the void I've been feeling since the beginning of the year about our CF. It seems that we're missing something in our CF.. But I think God has gave us that something to feel the emptiness! Amen! I don't know what's it, but certainly God did something! Thank God for the three new comers for joining the CF today. Great to see new faces.. Not only that, great to see old faces as well! Let's work on our Quality and Quantity! Amen! We can kill two birds with one stone if everybody cooperates! Unity is a must! Amen!

Prayer Meetings will be a habit for all CF members. No matter whether there'll be only one or two person gathered in the canteen at 6:30AM on every Friday mornings, we'll start praying. Please come and join us in prayer for prayer is the utmost important thing for this CF. We need unity! Come join us!

For those who wants to serve in the ISCF Rally, our CF is in charge of performances. So, if you can dance and act, please give me your name and your contact number... Contact me on MSN MEssenger: Email:

We really need your help guys! Do it for God, not for me! Amen. Glorify God's name!

CF stands for Christian Fellowship! It's where we have games, food, praise and worship, and so much more! Come join us!

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Ng Jo-Yee 4S1
Robin Lee 4S4


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CF is ON this Friday, 5th AUGUST! Bring your friends!

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