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Saturday, April 7, 2007
Oh my.. Can't wait for tomorrow! It's not the party that's making me excited. But ladies and gentlemen, it's RESSURECTION SUNDAY!!! Woohoo! It's the 3rd day after Good Friday when Jesus Christ rised up from the dead. Amen. He's not death forever. Instead, he died only for the weekend, to SAVE ALL OF US! Amen. Yes, ALL OF US. That means, not only Christians (we're saved already, but much work needs to be done in us some more..), but a pre-believer as well. Ressurection Sunday has been comersialised (sp?) till people start using the word EASTER instead of Ressurection. But that's not gonna stop us from celebrating this wonderful event! Amen. That's why we're having - THE STAR CF EASTER PARTY!! Woohoo!! This party is not only for us to fellowship among each other and just having fun, it's also to share to you people what does EASTER really means =). So come and be blessed tomorrow at Emily's house at 5:00PM till 10:00PM. Dinner provided people. There's gonna be PRaise And Worship - FULL BAND!! Woohoo!!! Yes people, there'll be drums, electric guitars, keyboard and BASS GUITAR! So yeah, lets pray that there'll be no rain tomorrow! Amen.. For more information, please post a question in the comment area for this topic. God bless you guys!

CF stands for Christian Fellowship! It's where we have games, food, praise and worship, and so much more! Come join us!

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CF is ON this Friday, 5th AUGUST! Bring your friends!

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