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Easter Party 2007
Monday, April 9, 2007
We had a lot of fun last night. Let me repeat, we had SO MUCH FUN last night! Woohoo! It was a great celebration for Jesus Christ's ressurection yesterday.. We had fun PRAISING HIS NAME! Amen! The party started at around 6:30PM. Sorry for the delay.. But we were waiting for the crowd till we cannot wait anymore, so we needed to start edi.. We started with Ice Breaker and it was a longggg Ice Breaker. Haha! The number started increasing and yes, we reached 80+ visitors.. Woohoo! After the Ice Breaker, we had Praise and Worship. Yes people, we had a full band with INSTRUMENTS!! Woohoo! Lorna was the Lead Vocals, backing her up was Sabrina Tan, on guitar we had Bernie and Benjamin, on bass we had Ashley, on the keyboard we had our primary host, Emily =), and on drums, me =). But yeah, I switched places during worship time with Benjamin. It was great praising the Lord.. Few people jumped... After that, we had Ps. Willard to share with us the Good News. He was awesome! He caught everybody's attention and the message was easy to understand. Will post the sermon videos after Kenneth finishes uploading the video. After the sermon, we had dinner. Sorry for the shortage of food people. We were expecting 60 but by God's GRACE, we got 80+.. Thanks for coming! Wheee! After dinner people started dunking each other into the pool. PEople had fun.. And God's name was glorified =). God bless you people!

I'll ask someone else to post more about this event. MAybe Aisha again.. Wait, it's AISHA's BIRTHDAT TODAY!! Woohoo! HAppy Birthday girl! People, she's only 16... Muahaha! Small girl =P. Pictures will be ripped and uploaded ASAP.. Videos will be up ASAP also! More to come. God bless!

I would like to wish the commitees of this event a good job and you guys did great. Here are few of them I remember in the commitee: Benjamin (Chairman), Lyon (Vice Chairman), Siu Chern, Lorna, Nisha, Kenneth, Jo Anne, Jarred (sp?), Alex, Billy, Sabrina, and those who helped =). Haha! Good job people! Muaks! Love you all! God bless. And Glory to GOD..

Jesus Christ conquered death - He's the only Living God.. Amen...

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