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Good Friday!
Friday, April 6, 2007
Good Friday guys! Wait, every Friday is good.. But why is the letter "G" in the word "Good" Friday in capital? Well, because it's THE Good Friday :). It's a the day which Jesus Christ got crucified on the cross just so save you and I from the wages of sins - DEATH. Yes people. Eventhough it's a sad thing, but remember, on the third day, He raised from the death to prove that He CONQUERED death - He conquered the wages of sin, for us so that we can live with Him with eternal life. What does it mean by death? Does it means that after Christ died for us, we are immortal? No. Death here does not mean the physical death. The wages of sin is death - your soul dying. Death means HELL. Yes people. Hell is describe as a pool of burning sulphur where there will be plenty of gnashing of teeth. God conquered that death for us so we can have eternal life - LIFE with GOD in HEAVEN! Amen!

Today in CF, we had our Praise and Worship with a guitar. Wheee... Thank God for Bernie's guitar! Woohoo! After that, guess who shared? EMILY CHAN!! Wheee! Our Treasurer shared the Good News to them CF members today! The message was short and MEANINGFUL! Amen! 2 Thumbs up for you, Emily! For all of you who are wondering, where's CF? People, we are back upstairs in a class already. We wanna take a step of faith and have our meetings back at our original place, the last class in the Form 4/Form 2 block. Woohoo! So people, please come a join us!!

EASTER CF PARTY (Bonanza??) is this coming Sunday, 8th of April at 5:00PM!! Wheee! Come and have fun fellowshipping and celebrating the ressurection of Jesus Christ! Woohoo! Yes people, for those who missed this event last year, come join us at Emily Chan's house at 5:00PM this Sunday! Where's her house? Her house is next to Klang Baptist Church and opposite Lotus Restaurant (next to the car shop opposite Lotus, CK Cars I think...). If you don't know where's her house still, please wait at Lotus, we'll "fetch" you from there to her house =P. HAHAH! There'll be a special guest speaker for the night. Come and find out who's he :). Dinner's provided! For more information, just type a comment in this post! God bless you guys!

CF stands for Christian Fellowship! It's where we have games, food, praise and worship, and so much more! Come join us!

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CF is ON this Friday, 5th AUGUST! Bring your friends!

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