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Prayer Meetings
Thursday, April 12, 2007
Dear CF Members,

CF meetings are on Fridays from 12:30PM till 1:30PM. We're having it in a classroom at the Form 2 block. It's the LAST CLASS at the left handside when you're at the staircase. Do you know that that's not the only time we're meeting up with each other?

Yes people, we also do have Prayer Meetings. Wednesday and Friday mornings at 6:30AM till 7:00AM in canteen. We've been slacking from this very important activity of CF. Without prayer, all those events we had or planned for are all done or gonna do in vain... Means we're doing it just for fun only. But NO! We're having all them events and acitivities so that God's name will be glorified and all our non-Christian friends will at least get a chance to listen to the Good News! Amen. So yes people, come and join us for Prayer Meetings every Wednesday and Friday mornings at 6:30AM till 7:00AM. Lets bring all our plans and problems before God so He too can help us =).

Yes, we have Prayer Meetings TOMORROW! So please come on time and pray.. Nisha will be waiting for you =P.. Hah!

For the afternoon session, I've yet to find a person to be in charge of prayer meetings and cells (the Form 4s and Form 3s are having it during their recess times). Michelle Wong moved to Aussie so yeah, I need to go scout for people who can really lead people into prayer and is a Mature Christian.

Update on ISCF Rally. STAR is working with KWang Hua on performances for the ISCF Rally this year. That means we need people to act, dance, ummm, any other stuff lerr. So if you're interested to serve, please tell me ASAP! WE REALLY NEED YOUR HELP! God bless you guys!

CF stands for Christian Fellowship! It's where we have games, food, praise and worship, and so much more! Come join us!

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Brandon Yee 4S1
Ng Jo-Yee 4S1
Robin Lee 4S4


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CF is ON this Friday, 5th AUGUST! Bring your friends!

Karen Teoh


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