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Saturday, April 7, 2007

Hello everybody! Aisha here. This is my first post. Jon asked me to post since Nisha isn't. Lol.
This first post will be dedicated to Be That Girl conference 2007
I don't know about you guys, but BTG '07 was great. Some of the girls elsewhere might beg to differ, and say that it was boring. I say it was great.

Registration started at around 5. Ushers welcomed newcomers with cheers and screams. Some even used last year's Freakoz's cheer, and new ones were made. The goodie bag was fuller than last years'. Lol.
Booths set up by the t-shirt sellers, Life College, APT and Carbon were well-accepted by the crowd. APT's booth were pretty interesting-they had body art and stuff.
The night rally was fantastic. It started with a performance of Numb by Linkin Park by a group of girls. That was spine-chilling!
OK I can't post the video here. I'll think of a way to do so.
Praise and worship followed, and Pastor Rosaleen of FGA KL came up to deliver the message. She clicked with the audience and was very youthful (can you believe she's only 25?!). I enjoyed her message.
Later in the night, reknowed Malaysian singer/songwriter Mia Palencia delievered a few songs.

Girls started coming in by the dozens. Many were early birds.
Pastor Rosaleen delivered her message again. She was as youthful and energetic as yesterday! Even I was exhausted but she was bouncy! This time, altar call followed. Quite a few went up; the Holy Spirit was definitely there.
Lunch was after the morning session, and the first elective was done by Life College. They gave out survey papers which determined your personality. Mine was the rarest. =)
Afterwards, APT took over. Two models from Convent became their canvases. Believe me, when I say canvases, I MEAN canvases. The make-up artists went wild on the models. Paint here, brush there, etc. You'll see what I mean when the pictures are up.
Then it was free roaming time until the fashion show started at 7.30.
The crowd for the FS was HUGE. There were barely enough seats for them!
Pastor Rosaleen came on again. She talked about a miracle in a manger. Can you guess?
All pictures except dancers and Zlwin taken from:

Our very own CF VP taking the runway.

Pastor Rosaleen delivering her message.

The canvas mentioned. ;)

The t-shirts!

The dance group on the second day, Snapshots. The guy in the middle (Zlwin) wasn't performing. ;) He was the security.

Guess who?

Gasp! She's wearing polka dots! But it works. lol.


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