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Good morning, revival.
Sunday, July 15, 2007
Good morning people! Inter-school rally was held last last Saturday. If you missed it, you missed THE chance to see God work in His awesome way.

Well, lots of us were involved with the rally this year, as it was every year. A few of our CF members were serving God through the ushering, worship team, presentation, counselling and much more. In fact, YOU served God by telling others about the rally!

The rally started at around 7pm, right on time with Malaysian timing. As the crowd was let in to the hall, they were greeted with a huge banner that said "WHAT IF?". Soon, the lights were dimmed. Everyone was settled in their seat, waiting for something to happen. A video was played on screen. Two friends were commenting on why their "I've got time!" friend turned into a "I've got no time" friend. Want to see the video? Let's wait for it to leak to the net, shall we?

Then, the two emcees came on stage-Amy from Convent and Brian from La Salle. I must say they both did an incredibably versatile job of hosting this year-if you notice, the theme changed repeatedly. From surfer dudes to James Bonds and Star Wars, they pumped the crowd up at appropriate moments.

After introducing the theme of this year's rally, the stage darkened and seven performers walked on stage to dance. A few milliseconds after the dance ended, the worship team and the choir (yes, a full-fledged choir) came on stage to give God all the limelight! Some people may comment that the praise and worship was awesome or "I love the praise and worship", but we have to remember that God was the only one working through everyone of them to make that night surreal.

Pastor Gurmit Singh of GT preached that night. It was a great message he shared-about our life and how it has to do with Jesus' life.
"We are born an original but we die a copy,"-Pastor Gurmit.
Pastor Gurmit quoted the part of the Bible with the blind Bartimeus (?) and how he was desperate enough to cry out for Jesus. Were you desperate enough to cry out for Jesus?

The altar call this year some might say was a great one as it encouraged people to be bold, to step out and receive Jesus openly. To those who received Jesus, I say to you welcome to the family! You're on the greatest journey of your life ever. We welcome you to join our CF meeting every Friday.

Looking forward to next year's rally!

^the banner. I think the shouting guy on the left looks like the Maroon 5 singer.

Amy and Brian

^the dance

^Praise and worship

^the drama. Bernie should win an Oscar.

^Pastor Gurmit preaching it

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