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hari abang 2007-as told by Nisha
Tuesday, July 31, 2007
brothers day was real good..I can't really comment on how it was..that is something the brothers will have to comment..but in my point of was real good!![jon missed it] we had about thirty plus students today..chun right..I mean for an illegal christian fellowship..its awesome!! loads of guys today..only God knows from where they sprout out from!! [jon missed it]haha..should be all the invitations handed out..first there was games by our adorable emily!! it's difficult to describe the game..but it sure had everyone Gabriella[whoever said age matters..] and Lorna lead us to Lift Up Your Eyes and another song I can't remember..[jon missed it]then Sab shared with us about brothers..I really like the way she twisted the whole thing around..I mean first she was talking about how boring us-sisters would be without our fellow brothers..then suddenly she spoke about the almighty gift our fellow brothers have..the gift of irritating and annoying the sisters..haha.. there were loads of Amen to that!![jon missed it] Then testimony time was open to the floor..lorna shared something how jon has been a great person [jon missed it]about how her brothers really annoyed her but yet colored her life all the more..then there was Theola and Jo-anne and Aisha and Emily and Su Anne...yup..our very own ex-vice president!!..all of them with their own witty nice sweet testimony..[although emily were testifying about how nice the sisters are..haha] XD then it was the moment most of the fellow brothers were waiting for..-namely bernie and alex..haha..MAKAN TIME!! [JON MISSED IT!!] there were LOADS of FOOD!! like a feast!!just too much..we really had the brothers stuffed..most of evryone went back while su anne, lorna,emily,alex,jarrod,lyon and myself..we continued stuffing ourselves and fellowshiped!! [jon missed it]it was real nice crappping with them..haha..should do that often..and then all of us dispersed..sigh..[thank God lorna didn't bring the cake for was supposed to be a suprise..but he didn't even turn up..oh well..your bad jon..XD]

all credits to ALL sisters!! and most of all GOD Himself!! [jon missed it]


p/s: jon missed it..
p/s p/s : the hot pink bookmarks were really nice!!
p/s p/s p/s : sisters day 2??

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