For we are the light of the world, and the salt of the earth.
July the 13th
Friday, July 13, 2007
We had an awesome meeting just now. People were all hyped up after rally. Thank God! Haha! We had an awesome time of praise and worship also. The ice breaker was also awesome. People enjoyed and at the same time, friendships were built.

After that, we also had an awesome time listening to them testimonies from several people. They testified about the rally on how God has touched them. There was also someone testifying to the Lord for his salvation during the rally. It was awesome listening to them glorifying God's name; it's such motivation for the others to push and pray for something to happen in their life.

The day got even awesome-r with Emily sharing with us the Word of God. Love her message. It spoke about faith and how God is always there for you when you need Him. She also spoke about Love - God's love to us; our love to others. It was awesome.

Overall, it was a very blessed meeting. Keep our CF in prayer people. Lets pray that every meeting will be like today. Amen. God bless of you people.

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