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after so long...
Sunday, February 17, 2008
hellooooo readers! :)
first of all... Happy Chinese New Year to all who celebrates and Happy Valentines Day too!

alright now! a proper update for all of you that have been asking for it! :D

CF has been greaaaaat man! Everybody agreee? Yes yes? Haha yeshhhhh!
We have been having weekly meetings like usual... But every meeting has somehow been different! :)

Well.. Just last friday, we had our very own CNY & Vday CF special!
Man, did we have a great laugh or whaaat? The meeting started off with a round of orange peeling competition! Yes, you heard that right! Orange peeling competition in conjunction of CNY! :)
The idea of the game was to peel the orange in ONE longest strip of the skin. So we had 2 girls and 2 guys up against each other! At the count of three, all 4 of them started peeling... But half way through the game, the rest of us realised that they werent doing the right thing! We all started laughing because not only none of them peeled the orange in ONE long strip of skin, ALL of them peeled the orange in the open up flower style! Oh man, talk about listening to the right instructions... Hahaha!

After the funny orange experience... We had another round of games! This time, the game was in conjunction of Vday! :)
The game was called the, Will you marry me game... Haha sounds catchy doesnt it? Well the game gave us a whole load of laughter i tell you! The game was about how a guy wil try to make a girl laugh in the process of proposing to her. Sounds easy? No it wasnt man... The girls in our CF are some tough nuts i tell you! No guys can make them laugh if they dont want to! Haha. Like seriously... For at least half an hour, half of the CFs guys tried to make 4 girls laugh, but none prevailed... We all had real good laughs watching the guys strutting their pick up lines and all... Right everyone? :)

We only managed to entertain everyone with the 2 games cause we ran out of time in the end(because of all the laughs, we lost track of the time!) We wrapped up the meeting with a short prayer and we had our fellowshippp time! Oranges, cny biscuits, and marshmallows were gobbled down then! :)

All and all, we all had a great time laughing at each other on that day... What more can i say? More of such meetings to comeeeee! :)

As for now, its late... Haha. Time for bed. Rest for the brains and body :)
Before signing off, monthly test is jus tommorrow! Haha. Well, all best to everybody! Including myself! :D

Thats all for today folks! For more, do join us every friday at 1230pm alright? I promise you, you wont regret it! :)

CF stands for Christian Fellowship! It's where we have games, food, praise and worship, and so much more! Come join us!

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