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Wednesday, April 2, 2008
so sooooorry guys! thousands sorrys for such lack updates! :)
anyways... so many things have been happening! GREAT THINGS i would say!
our very own Easter Party was a BLAAAAAST! everybody agree? haha yesh! :)
it was a very very very blasty party indeed! we had fun and food!
and not forgetting the promise that I gave away... a pool of water! haha it was a night of good fun I would say! everybody agree again? yeshhh! :)
pictures wil be up real sooooon! i promiseee!
other than that, our friday meetings are going on like usual. do come join us if youre stil in school! :)
we had a lil something I would call our very own Sunday School session for cf last week!
the inner child in everybody comes out when we had our Art & Craft time.
Anand was losing his paper every minute! (we suspect he ate his papers! haha)
then our very own vice pres, Alex was asking for candies lah...
gosh, talk about manja-ness? hahaha...
we were supposed to have our birthday bash for those whose birthdays fell in the months of January, February and March! but our very smarty pants, Mr Lyon conviniently forgot to get a cake! joker right? whats a birthday celebration when theres no cake? sweaaatness. haha.
well no worries you birthday boys and girls, The Boss is here to save your birthdays! hahaha.
I promise you... BIRTHDAY CAKE THIS FRIDAY! :)
yes guys... CF is stil on this friday! yaaaaays!
and and... this friday wil be SPECIAL! special you ask?
very special indeed... we'll be having a APRIL FOOLS SPECIAL this friday!
hahaha yesh! so please come and be fooled? XD
same time, same place, same fun!
be there!
Happy April Fools for now guys! :D

CF stands for Christian Fellowship! It's where we have games, food, praise and worship, and so much more! Come join us!

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