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AFTER Aftershock!
Saturday, May 31, 2008
Alright alright!
Sorry for the 2 days delayed post guys...

Well, this post is gonna be flooded with PICTURES! Woohoo! *grins*

Our cycling trip was a BLAST!
Despite the crazy uphills and vomits and tiredness,it was all GOOD FUN!
Right guys? =)

The journey started off with 22 brave souls (haha) embarking on this cycling trip!
We kicked start our trip by leaving at 9am which supposedly 8am!
Nevermind nevermind, though one hour late, we were still excited! Haha.

Off we went, reaching our destination, paid our entrance fees and headed to the bicycle hut.
All were busy picking a bike for themselves, checking whether the breaks and gears are alright.

Aight, there you have a few posers. Haha.
So, before we went on our journey... Group pictures! =)

Everybody was geared up, and off we went!
With Daniel Raj leading us through the pathways...

Uphill and downhill we went...

With accidents here and there... (haha kidding lah)

After an hour of cycling, we finally reached our destination-a small dam! Haha.

Everybody took a break to rest and enjoyed the view...

Some were too tired...

While some were more than willing to strike a pose though the tiredness! =)

Hmm... And some took the posing to another level. Haha.

While some went tree climbing... Haha.

Well, we took some time to take group photos too! Not one, but MANY! =)

take 1#
take 2# - with fingers

take 3# - the lame sign. haha.

take 4# - superman?

take 5# - all eyes closed shot! haha.

if you noticed, everybodys eyes are closed EXCEPT FOR MINE!


After a short rest, we headed back to where we started with hungry stomachs!
From the start point, we took a tour bus and went to the Menara Pandang Jauh...

The Menara was high up... With a nice view from the top!

By the top, everybody was starving already!
We had sandwiches, meatballs & sausages, and the best of all... NASI LEMAK! =)

After lunch... It was time to head home.
BUT, still got time spare to take moe picturesss! Haha. =)

notice how Alex-in red seem to appear in all the pictures above? Haha i wonder why...

Haha. We are some posers... =)
And the last picture of the day..

Alrightey! Thats all for the cycling trip...
To see all pictures that were taken on that day, link up to here! Credits to JoLynn! =)

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