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still aliveee! and kicking!
Monday, May 5, 2008
sorrry guys for being such a inconsistent updater! thousand apologies! :D

anywaaay, theres has been much that has been happening! OMG! *screaaam*
haha. alright alright, everybody calm down now...
one at a time guys, one at a time! :)

weekly meetings have been wicked awesome! :)
we have so much things planned out! woohoo...
now just a reminder for members out there, about whats happening in CF...

Number 1# :
ISCF 10th year Rally! *faaaints*
haha. yupp, thats right! this year is the 10th year of our annual ISCF Rally.
are you excited? just by hearing the word 10th year, gosh! my heart skips a beat man! haha.
its gonna be hugeee, its gonna be cooool, its gonna be awesomeee!
the best part of it is... its gonna be OUTDOOOR! *screaaams*
yupp, thats right again! now heres the details...

Date : 12th July 2008
Place : Kompleks Sukan Pandamaran Klang ( its the field next to the Pandamaran swimming pool)
Time : 6pm onwards

its gonna be kicka** man! hieehiee :)
so check your calender and keep that day free, cause you wont wanna miss out on this!

Number 2# :
Bukit Cahaya Cycling Trip!
hahaha. yeees! we're going on a one day CF outing!
wheres to? Bukit Cahaya Shah Alam.
Do what? Cycling! Picnic! and maybe some swimming too! :)
man i tell you, its gonna be a fun filled trip!
guys, if you cant cycle... FEAR NOT!
haha. we'll get Alex to give you a ride! :)

Date : 6th June 2008 ( during the mid terms holidays )
Time : 8am till probably 3pm.
Place : Bukit Cahaya

transportation will be provided. dont worry, you dont need to cycle all the way to Shah Alam.
most probably we will be getting a bus to take us there. and no, you dont need to bring your bicycles along! haha. we will be renting bikes from there. no worries if youre vertically challenged (short!), they provide children bikes too! :D
only RM 1o is required. it will include the entrance fee to the Bukit, bicycle rental fees and picnic foood! anyone everyone can come! coolio? :)

i guess thats all for an update for now.
time for me to hit the books!
yes yes, all of us are having our mid terms this week! even The Boss. *sweat*
now study hard boys and girls, and be good in school!

CF stands for Christian Fellowship! It's where we have games, food, praise and worship, and so much more! Come join us!

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